This ride is a monorail roller coaster that makes bird flight a real experience for the passenger and was specially developed for alpine use.

The roadway consists of a HEB steel beam, which is mounted on supports. The supports are attached to the floor using concrete anchor technology. Up to 7 kites with 2 people each can be operated on the lane in the circuit. Downhill is accelerated by gravity and the speed can be reduced on an opposite slope. A permanent magnetic brake compensates for the speed differences. It is also possible to drive only downhill and reduce the speed before the turning point exclusively with a permanent magnetic brake. After a 180 ° curve, the kite automatically hooks onto the mountain hoist rope and returns to the starting point.


  • 100 km / h top speed and 3 G-force
  • 2 people per kite
  • 7 kites in circulation possible
  • 180 people per hour
  • 100% gradient up to and more possible
  • Return transport using a circulating rope
  • Winter operation possible

RailFly in action



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